The Importance Of Conformity In Maintaining A Society

Any history buff will tell you that society was truly established the day that rules were born. Till then, it was simply an anarchic collection of humans, incapable of governing themselves or others. But when one or two early humans became strong enough to threaten the others, rule and law (albeit simple ones) were born and society as a concept began. Today, society is held together by the instinct to conform which is communicated to each new generation through a process called ‘socialization.’

The Process of Socialization
Socialization is the process through which new members of the human race, namely children, are initiated into the unwritten rules of society. Parents and siblings, and later educational institutions play a large part in socializing children. Through listening to grown-ups, watching their actions and actively hearing their advice, children learn when not to do things, or when to do things. Children learn for example that the slang they use in school should not make up their opportunity class tests at home.

Other more regulated forms of education like NAPLAN numeracy year 9 tests also help socialize our children into the expectations of society.Conformity Through SocializationChildren face NAPLAN reading and mathematics tests to ensure they conform to a certain standard that the society deems necessary. While tests are not the best way to measure the different kinds of intelligence in children, they are still largely mandatory because they don’t just measure children’s progress and ability; they also teach children that examinations are a way of life and that knowing the right answer is important. The negative effects of such socializations are off-set by the positive effects: if no one taught children which side of the road to walk on and which to drive on, there would be a terrible Mad Max scenario for the traffic police to deal with.

Conformity in Small Doses
Creative, out-of-the-box thinkers are the ones who bring change to society. The conformers are the ones who make it happen and then continue to enforce it. Without a certain segment of the population conforming to social norms, the social fabric would tear and there would be no order at all. For instance, if no one listened to the judges in court, every criminal would go free and there would be no justice at all. It would be a society where the strong suppresses the weak, just like in by gone times.Thus conformity is an important part of society. There is a place for the truly genius, the reckless and the creative, but the strength of the body rests on the shoulders of those who conform.